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About Us

  Welcome to Marquesa Hair!



Marquesa Hair was born in Miami, Florida. One of the most fashionable place on earth. Orlando Rivera, founder of MARQUESA HAIR, had as a goal to develop a hair wigs and hair extension; integration systems for anyone with hair loss or hair density problems. A system of hair integration for cancer patiens, alopecia or anyone needing more hair. He took ten years in developing the BEST of the Best in the market. By 2010 he had developed various method and acquired the knowledge of all over the world types of hair. He patented Marquesa Hair system of thickening thin and fine hair via hair extensions, medical prosthesis, hair integrations with the best hair in the World.

Orlando’s system of hair application and integration has changed the way we wear hair in present times. For the first time in our industry we see and wear hair extensions and hair thickening systems as a whole. MARQUESA HAIR is and will continue to the leader for hair loss solution - men - women –and children with hair loss due to illness. Marquesa Hair offers a non-aggressive technical solutions.

In this matter MARQUESA HAIR has also been futuristic from beginning: until this day, it is unknown that any other system has developed a similar non compromising technique of hair loss solution.. It goes without saying that only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality is used.
We are pleased to offer some of the World's Finest Quality Human Hair Extensions and a large selection of Extension Supplies. Our Extensions are made with Stunning 100% Human Hair for Weaves, Strand By Strand; U-Tip for Fusion, Strand by Strand I-Tip For Micro Links, Clip-Ins, and Custom Made Wigs ! We carry all Lengths, Color and Textures! We Proudly Feature Luxurious European Remy Hair and Indian Remy Hair, priced to fit all budgets!

Unfortunately, some of us are not all born with gorgeous hair! Some of us may even have a medical problems, that prevents our own hair from growing, or we just simply gotten a bad hair chemical job. Though life is not always fair, with the current advances in hair extensions, hair wigs or prosthesis it is now affordable to have beautiful sexy hair, as well as gaining all the confidence and self esteem we might have lacked.
Some of our clients were not born with beautiful hair! Their hair would break off once it gets to a certain length. No matter what we have tried, their hair would not grow, their ends were thin and they was never happy with their hair! As I got older,  I found that I was envious of movie stars and the many entertainers who had the beautiful hair, so I decided I wanted the same for my clients. So... about 20 years ago, before hair extensions were even as popular as they are today, I decided to do something about it, and looked into getting a solulion for the problem. 


Over the years, I had my share of seeing people wearing top quality hair and also very poor quality hair. At that time, since hair extensions were not very popular, they were also not as readily available to find as today. Top quality hair was even actually much more costly then, compared to the costs of extensions today. Unless I spent a ridiculous amount of money on hair extensions for my clients, I experienced more bad hair than good hair. At times, even the most expensive extensions were not providing me with the quality I expected for the price I was paying to acquire hair. The hair extensions would tangle, get matted and looked like a brillo pad, that ended up in the garbage, along with the money I spent for them, and had my clients paid. 

I admit it, by now I was addicted to hair extensions services and I knew I would not be happy without providing the service to my clients. I was so tired of trying different brands and vendors, all who claimed to have the best hair on the market...Not! Being extremely frustrated, I decided to search for the finest quality hair, at a cost that was not ridiculous. It became my obsession and after a long search, I finally found absolutely gorgeous extensions and wigs, , made with the finest quality European human hair! So, I started my own brands, one I can design and control. Once I found great hair for my clients, I realized that there must be girls and maybe even some guys with medical problems; like alopecia, cancer or even mal nutrition and that I had to do something drastic about it. I realized that with my vast experienced , I could help many people. I soon decided that it was time to share my knowledge, experience and my beautiful hair extensions research with you, thus Marquesa Hair was born!

That was almost 10 years ago, and I am proud to say we are still going strong! We take a lot of pride in our products, and we take just as much pride in our customer service! All emails will always be answered, usually within a few hours. You will be treated the way I would want to be treated, with courtesy, patience and honesty! It is very important to us that you are happy!

We want to have a great relationship, not only as a buyer and seller, but hopefully as friends who can chat about hair extensions or wigs. We are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have. We will not sell you hair, or a service and pretend you never met once you pay. We are always here for you if you need us! 

Take your time to browse our store and services! Should you need something that you do not see, please let us know. We also offer custom orders for extensions and wigs as well, and will always do our best to accommodate your request whenever possible. 

Thank you for visiting Salon & Spa Renova & Marquesa Hair. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. It is always our pleasure to help!






Orlando first opened its doors in 2011.   Orlando Rivera highly specialized and trained to apply hair extensions, the studio has grown a great deal since then to incorporate a luxury but affordable premier hair extensions service.  We  also offer services to men and women with fine hair and hair loss difficulties.

Orlando is a name long associated with celebrity hair. Our professional hair extensions  Salon & Spa has had many high profile clients from around the world over the years. Specializing in Red Carpet looks; color and styling amazing hair for specials events.

Orlando has developed many ground breaking hair extension and hair loss solutions totally undetectable to the un-trained eyes.

Hair Safety is very important to us and our professional techniques enable our clients to feel confident and positive about the hair they wear.  We are confident that the service and quality of hair extensions and wigs are of a very high standard.


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