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Miracle Glove 16oz by Pro Hair Labs


Formulated primarily for hair technicians, Miracle Glove protects the PH balance of your skin while maintaining a 24-hour barrier to avoid exposure to any type of invasive chemicals such as citrus or alcohol. Developed with the hair professional in mind,...

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Pro Series Shampoo 12oz by Pro Hair Labs


Let your hair look its best with one of our best hair replacement shampoo, Pro Series. Enjoy frizz free split end protection, soft ato touch feel whilst still protecting your hair system from the rigours of everyday life. Pro Series Shampoo from Pro Hair...

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Walker Scalp Protector 1.3oz


Walker Scalp Protector 1.3oz Improves adhesion for: hot & humid weather, oily skin, sports, swimming. Prevents irritation from tape & adhesives. Caution: FLAMMABLE Do not put near open flame. External use only. Keep away from...

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