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What YOU Should know, and HOW we can help.

Customized and Designed Wigs and Hairpieces

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"Welcome to our private wig salon and studio. I understand and have experienced through many of our clients some of the issues you are going through."

The website you just entered is for you to have a broad-spectrum of wigs and hair pieces available to you.  By clicking on the HELP CENTER, we can guide you through every aspect the Making of wigs and hair pieces: materials, sizes, models and everything you need know about hair replacement. The Wig Shop in Coconut Grove, Wigs & Extensions and more…

Marquesa is a brand new Non- Invasive Hair Replacement for Men, Women and Children studio outfitted with private fitting and Consultation areas, a team of extremely talented stylists and a gorgeous assortment of Styles; Marquesa wigs and hair extensions. You’ll be able to choose from the very best Synthetic wigs, Full Lace Human Hair, lace front wigs, Revlon, Noriko, Rene of Paris and much more. Our new wig Studio is state of the art and beautiful! and the Renova’s team joined forces to provide the ultimate customer experience in Miami. Wigs and hair extensions purchased online at can be entrusted to The Wig Master for expert customization, washing, restoration, and servicing.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the store located in the center of Coconut Grove. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a wig or you need expert help with one you already have, Marquesa does it all!

Marquesa is a full-service studio with an elegant, spacious, and friendly ambiance. Located in Coconut Grove (Miami), Florida half a block away from twenty-Seven (27th) avenue and South Dixie Highway.

We strive to offer our clients a renewing and pampering experience from the moment they enter our facility. We are staffed with a team of highly-skilled and trained professionals in an array of hair replacement services — focusing on Quality, not quantity. Complimentary parking is available.

What YOU Should know, and HOW we can help.

1.What materials are used to make wigs?

Wigs can either be made from human hair or synthetic hair fibers. Wigs made with Synthetic fibers are significantly less expensive than human hair.   But real virgin hair makes it easier to pass the wig off as your natural hair color, texture and length. Some synthetics can be heat styled, but you must use low heat and be very careful not to burn the fibers. Human hair wigs can be styled, cut and colored like your own hair.

2. What types of wigs are available and why?

If you are willing to take a risk and change up your look, and if this is going to be your first wig, we recommend you stay as close to your current style or style you feel most comfortable in. Remember… A wig is always your perfect hairstyle.

After you have worn your first wig for a while, we encourage you to think outside the box and try different styles and colors that you feel may suit you or you have always wanted to try.


Wig size - THE right wig’s size matters, a lot.  While selecting any wig styles we will make sure it will fit perfectly.  In our studio you will be properly and accurately measure for your HEAD, whether you wish for a synthetic wig or a customized hair unit.  You head measurements are very important, because unfitted wigs are very uncomfortable to wear and very unflattering. You DO NOT want to look WIGGY. It's important to choose the right FIT to ensure is comfortable and snog. The volume of your head will be measure for your wig to have the perfect look.


Color selection – Our Master colorist, with his well-trained eye and technically spot on, will help you choose the perfect wig from a vast selection of swatches. The perfect hair unit should be match to your natural hair, skin tone, eyes color and lifestyle.  In our studio, you can try out different hairstyles, colors and hair shades. Using your face shape as a guide, we can choose a hairstyle best suits you.

We want your wig to look like your hair or better, the perfect hair color match is always right way to go. We can always try something new once you already gotten comfortable wearing your perfect hair unit.


Normally Short hair wigs are easier to wear and style than long wigs. Long wigs are fun, especially if you've never been able to have long hair before. But they need a lot more time and care.  Ask yourself, Is it age appropriate?  We will help you decide.

6.Cap Model and construction

Cap construction and hair/fiber type - This is a major factor that you need to keep in mind. The cap construction materials utilized should be the best, silkiest and CHEMICAL FREE.  

If you are going through CHEMOTHERAPY, Minor skin changes or skin irritation can occur during and for some time after chemotherapy. Not all chemotherapy drugs cause skin changes, but it is important to be aware that skin may be more sensitive or easily irritated during treatment. The materials used for the cap construction should not cause sensitivity or roughness on your skin.
Let us Pay attention to your wig materials and construction, you will be surprise how comfortable your hair unit is. The more realistic the wig looks, the more confidence and beautiful you would look.  Our Silk top hair units make the hair look like it is real skin making it look totally undetectable.

Most of our READY TO WEAR Wig caps are adjustable, but make sure you know your head circumference, so you get a wig that fits the best.


Your lifestyle, schedule, and ability to style hair should be taken into consideration when purchasing a hair unit. How much time do you have to spend or are willing to spend on styling your hair? What climate will you be in? And of course, your budget!

The answer to the above questions will determine whether your best options are synthetic hair or human hair wigs. Our hair wigs and hair pieces are both amazing and have their advantages over the other. Other brands. Let us share knowledge, schedule your consultation today!

Remember, the most important aspect of all this process, is for you to feel beautiful again.

8.How to make your wig looks natural?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. When it comes to beautiful, thick and healthy hair not everyone is that lucky.  To achieve an amazing, full set of hair, most people opt for wigs or hair pieces. Our Lace frontal wigs are the most natural looking of the wigs available. They are also a bit difficult to wear, requiring either tape or liquid adhesive to keep the lace front in right in place. However, the effect of the lace front makes your hair looks like is growing from your own hair line.

9.How much do they cost?

While all factors we just mentioned are important in selecting a realistic wig, the last bullet point is the primary driving factor of price. To gain a deeper understanding of wig cap construction and hair/fiber types, I recommend looking at cap construction section on our website.  Reading through this section, will give you a better understanding of the construction processing time, and process that often contribute to the perfect fit.

10.How do you take care of a wig?

To help the hair maintain its shape at night, we recommend placing the hair on a wig form Or if you're traveling, take the wig, and turn it inside-out.  Then grab the hair in a ponytail, turn it towards the center of the wig and store it in a box.


We will like to make your shopping experience as ease and pleasurable as possible, on line or on our studio.

When shopping with us, we suggest you start with choosing the synthetic wigs or human hair wigs category. Then choose the style you were interested in. Once you pick the style you will have lots of color options to choose from. If you need help along the way, please see our advice and how to section or call us ... we love to help you through your journey!

Wigs are easy to wear and quite addicting once you realize how convenient they are! 


Marquesa is a private wig shop specializing in hair replacement and many alternatives for hair loss. The studio is hosted by master colorist, wig and hair pieces master, Orlando. We can customize any Wig or hair piece as per your request; hair pieces for hair loss, quick & easy hairstyles, medical, casual, costume, formal, party, performances, professional, teams, theater and more. We serve men and women suffering with any medical condition, or simply anyone wanting to add volume to thin hair or length.


What you already have.

We also offer human and synthetic ready to wear wigs and hair pieces.  All units have been made with you in mind, purpose and up today looks and colors. 

We have helped many women and men look beautiful and feel confident again.

Schedule your private and confidential in person or Skype consultation to see what options are available to you. 

To ensure client confidentiality and to give you our upmost personal attention, consultation appointments are needed. Consultation appointments can be made by phone or online form request appointment.  Consultation fees and other service information can be found on our website.  

Looking forward to serving you!

Marquesa Team